Mobile Office

We buy and sell containers and also convert the container to use as an office as well as converting container to the customer requirement.




Our 20′  foot and 40′  foot portable mobile office are Occupy 30 to 50 % . Sooner and save up to 20 to 40%  of project cost compared  to ” stick-built”.






Buildings can be used for ANYTHING, but some common uses include  –

  •  Work site offices.
  • Auxiliary space for game rooms , music studios, exercise rooms, tack rooms, workshops, home offices, storm shelters, wine cellars, tool sheds , etc
  • Concession stands .
  • Housing for workers.
  • Disaster shelters and temporary  housing.
  • Sleeping quarters .
  • Temporary classrooms.
  • Camp lodging.
  • Migrant worker housing mobile.
  • Medical and emergency clinics .
  • Shower houses , offices, and activity centers at parks.





We can arrange various modified container types such as Modular Building, Storage Centres ,Mobile Offices and can be finished to meet your unique need and budgetary concerns.







Amarapura mobile offices container, storage containers, are the best maintained in the industry.That tell you  and every Amarapura mobile office client, that we take our quality different as seriously as our reputation for timely,  reliable delivery.